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So What!

Locally Owned?
Professional Service?
Quality Products?

Your Competition Is Saying The Same Thing. Time To Up Your Game!

A lot of small-business owners struggle with: 1. Qualified Leads - Businesses are starving for more qualified leads. 2. Converting Leads - They need help converting leads into satisfied customers that brag religiously about their business. 3. Selling More - Business owners are stumped on how to sell more to their current customers. 4. Buying More Often - They want to increase the amount of times their customers purchase their products or services. 5. WOW W.O.M. - They desire to be the first business that comes to mind (for all the right reasons) when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing.

At Creatively Blind, WE CONNECT ALL THE DOTS for you by using this recipe: CONVERSION + BUY MORE + BUY MORE OFTEN = A BOOMING BUSINESS! Be warned: If your team isn't totally on board and sold out, it just won't work — no matter how good the strategy is. Trust us... we've been there. It's 'down-a-bottle-of-Jack Daniel's, pull-your-hair-out' kind of frustrating! It sucks when you want it more for others than they want it for themselves.

The Internet Has Changed The Game, But For Business Owners
One Thing Remains The Same: Leads + Conversion = More Money.

Our Story

We've Been Where
You Are Now.

We Know What It's Like To Start With A Dream And Build A Recognized, Respected Brand.

We know your successes, pain points and frustrations. We built a multi-million dollar global brand from the ground up, but it wasn't easy. We had limited resources, not enough hours in the day and tight budgets... all in an industry that was oversaturated and cut-throat. Still, we had to find a way to be different, meaningful to the consumer, and highly competitive while remaining true to our values. We did just that...

and we can do the same for you!


strəˈtējik | adjective

Carefully designed or planned to serve a
particular purpose or advantage.

Our Process

Developing A
Winning Strategy.

It Is All About Using The RIGHT Process... The Creatively Blind Process!

Money loves speed. That's why we use a systematic, scientific approach: A methodology that, once and for all, connects the dots and reveals YOUR WOW! You've likely heard of the old "4 Ps" found in most college marketing textbooks. However, you need much more than 'fancy book learnin' to elevate your business to a game-changing level.

What it really takes is the Creatively Blind "4 Ps" to create a WINNING blueprint...

The Creatively Blind "4 Ps" of Marketing:
Positioning - Planning - Promotion - Profit


Image & Identity

Dominant brands have two key elements: a credible Image and unique Identity in the marketplace. One without the other simply doesn't work. Sure, you might look like a million bucks with a snazzy, ultra-hip logo. But, you also must stand out... by standing for something. We will uncover Your WOW! What makes you tick. What makes you unique. It's why customers MUST do business with you and not YOUR COMPETITION (unless they call us first)!


Tactics & Tools

Winning BIG is a combination of using the RIGHT Tactics, the RIGHT Tools, along with the RIGHT strategy. In other words, you MUST have a well-thought-out plan of attack. Let everyone else make things up as they go. Even better, let them foolishly try the latest marketing 'technique of the week' hoping they'll hit the motherload.


Communicate & Convert

Once you have a highly potent strategic message... one that passionately articulates why you are BETTER and DIFFERENT than your competition, it's time to Communicate it in multiple ways to your target market. If you deliver it precisely, powerfully, and consistently over time, you WILL Convert more and more of them into YOUR customers! Put another way: Say it well... you make a fortune. Say it poorly... you go broke.


Learn & Leverage

It's one thing to make a profit. But, it's entirely another to make a HUGE profit! The latter comes from tracking results to Learn what's working (and what isn't). Only then can you take your best efforts, Leverage them with other powerful strategies and tactics... and create a true 'Profit Generating Machine'. At that point, it's a matter of following this simple but powerful formula: Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


märkitiNG | verb

Profitably finding and keeping customers by
building awareness, demand, and loyalty.

Our Services

We connect
all the dots.

Do you have a marketing strategy?

Unless you have a plan to tie it all together, you simply have a collection of tactics. Don't play marketing roulette with your profits. Let the Strategic Marketing Masterminds connect-the-dots and increase your ROI.

How We Connect The Dots And Bring It All To Life: strategic positioning & planning, web programming & mobility, online reputation management, graphic design, lead generation, social media strategy, eye-popping photography, video production & YouTube marketing.

Our Work

What we do.

The Way We Win.

Companies We've Worked With:

All American Pharmaceutical
A-C Electric Company
Clifford & Bradford Insurance Agency
Insect Lore


mastərˌmīnd | noun

A person who supplies the direction or
creative intelligence for a project.

Our Team

Meet the

What we lack in eyesight, we make up with strategic and creative superpowers.

Brendon Bradford

Brendon Bradford.

Position: Visual Mastermind

Brendon is a talented filmmaker, an idealist and a visionary. He continually explores creative and extraordinary ways to view the world through a lens. As a New York Film Academy graduate, Brendon's experience in filmmaking, editing and visual effects make him an essential addition to Creatively Blind.

When not staring through a camera or at a computer screen, Brendon enjoys traveling, sports, video games, listening to 90's music and arguing about discussing all things related to film, specifically how "The Prequels" ruined his childhood.

Nick McDonald

Nick McDonald.

Position: The Intern

CJ Jolliff

CJ Jolliff .

Position: Strategic Mastermind

CJ hates writing. Especially creative writing. Which is kind of ironic... "Don't ya think?" He was once recognized as Bakersfield's premiere blonde Neil Diamond impressionist.

Fueled by Monster Energy Drinks, CJ spends most of his time chained to his desk, feverishly trying to check items off his "To Do" list. When he's not creating, he spends most of his time trying to find a balance between being a positive role model for his family, and saying things like "that's what she said".

Christopher Pisar

Christopher Pisar.

Position: Digital Mastermind

Chris is a wordsmith and logician. In other words, he loves making stuff up and using logic to argue his way to victory. His media background coupled with his technological expertise makes him an integral part of the CB team.

His hobbies include running (for his life), traveling, fishing, golfing, hunting and caring way too much about the outcome of any given Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers or San Francisco 49ers game.

Eric Yun

Eric Yun.

Position: Creative Mastermind

Eric is the proud and lucky husband to his tall, hot and blonde wife, Jessica. He enjoys re-watching Nacho Libre, The Godfather and episodes of The Office.

In his spare time, he loves to eat all types of meat, play basketball, compose, teach and listen to music, and play Candy Crush. His pet peeves include sweat marks on workout equipment and running out of toothpaste.

Darcie Jolliff

Darcie Jolliff.

Position: Messaging Mastermind

Darcie is The Fixer. She fixes everything from misused commas and run on sentences, to smoothing crow's feet and removing that nasty little blemish that popped up the morning of your photo shoot. Pretty much... Darcie just makes everything better.

When she’s not in “the zone" fixing a person’s face or grammar, she enjoys long walks on the beach, death metal turned up to 11, and food so spicy it would melt most mens’ faces off. When asked how she has put up with CJ for the last 10 years, she simply replied, “I find rum or a nice coffee stout helps."

"It doesn't take sight, but insight to be a true visionary.
Insight driven by experience, the unending pursuit of knowledge, and the passion to transform an idea into reality."

- Creatively Blind Founder, CJ Jolliff

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What's The Biggest Tragedy In Business? It's giving up sales to competitors that you could have and rightfully should have gotten. You should feel evangelical about your business. You should feel like it's a crime for a customer to do business with anyone else but you. (The 2nd biggest tragedy is not hiring us!)

Want more customers choosing you over the competition? Want to systematize your marketing so it produces predictable, profitable results? Then contact us right now so we can get started building your marketing powerhouse strategy today. Our team will quickly 'Up Your Game' online and off. Remember... we've been on the other side of the table!

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